Essay Contest

2018 Paradise Valley Martin Luther King Day Essay Contest

Essay Competition

Students attending middle school in Paradise Valley are invited to submit an essay on “What does a United Community Mean to You?”  There will be one finalist picked from each grade level of 5, 6, 7, and 8. The winners will be given an award during the Paradise Valley Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration in the Town Hall on January 15th, and winners and their family are welcome to attend.  In addition, the winning essays will be posted in Paradise Valley Town Hall on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday January 15, 2018.

Essay Topic

“What does a United Community Mean to You?”  


Top, right hand corner of first page: Include your full name, school and grade level, email address, and a phone number.  Title of the Essay at the top-middle of the page.

Essay: The essay should be two, full single-side pages. The font should be of Times family and 12 pt., double line spaced, with a 1” margin on all 4 sides. The Essay should be saved as a PDF or .doc format.

Deadline for the written essay is December 29, 2017 by email. Each grade level will have one winner and their essay will be posted in the Paradise Valley Town Hall on January 15, 2018. Finalists will be notified by January 9, 2018.

Essays will be judged on:

Relevance to the topic; content; and clarity

Focus and Coherence – From introduction to conclusion, the ideas are related and well supported.

Organization – Writer uses smooth transitions, and ideas are clear.

Development of Ideas – Writer uses specific details to develop ideas.

Voice – Writer engages the reader with choice of words, and writer’s unique personality.

Conventions – Writer uses correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.


Please note:  If essay does not include student’s current school grade level – the essay will be disqualified.



Please submit essays via this website: Essay Submission by December 29, 2017.

With the submission of your essay, you are committing to the original quality of the paper. Any papers that are not original will be automatically disqualified.

This event is sponsored by the Bahá’í Community of Paradise Valley.